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Bargaining update May 20, 2019

The Local 367 negotiations committee met with the employers again today. The union gave responses to the company from last time, and held firm on each of our non-economic proposals designed to improve quality of life at work and make the union stronger, like scheduling rights, addressing technological changes, and union orientation. Additionally, the union proposed language that would expand the anti-discrimination language in the contract to protect more classes of members.
Much of the discussion centered around the union’s grievance proposal and why the union wanted to improve the way grievances are handled. The company acknowledged, along with the union, that both sides need to mutually improve the process which has caused a tremendous backlog, recognizing that it’s been an undue hardship for the members.
The union committee still has many non-economic items on the table, as well as important economic proposals, but made it clear to the company from the beginning, that the non-economics need to be addressed before we even consider discussing our economic proposals. While the union realizes that economic issues are extremely important to you, it is equally important that we address the non-economic issues that affect you every day in your work environment.
In the meantime, Local 367 is scheduling a Tele-Town Hall Negotiations Update by phone to take place within the next few weeks. Members who want to participate in the Tele-Town Hall and ask questions will receive an automated phone call to join the meeting. The meetings will be scheduled at two different times on the same day to ensure maximum participation, just like the regular membership meetings. It is critical that we have your phone number so you can participate in the call. If you haven’t submitted, or are unsure if the Local has your correct number, please call the local union office, your union representative, or shop steward to make sure your number is in the system. Also, be on the lookout for text messages or calls notifying you in advance about the upcoming Tele-Town Hall meeting.
As always, Building A Better Life!

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