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Macy’s Members Overwhelmingly Ratify New Contract in Record Turn Out

On May 1, more than 80% of the members at Macy’s Full-Line and Furniture Gallery turned out in historic numbers to vote on a new contract. With over 99% of the vote, Macy’s members ratified a 2-year agreement that provides significant improvements for a vast majority of associates.

The agreement, which was unanimously recommended for ratification by the bargaining committee, provides for a $1.00 raise for the Thereafter rate over the life of the agreement. Part-time and flex-time members will also have shorter progression brackets by transitioning from an hourly-based progression to a yearly progression, among many other gains.

The UFCW 367 Trustees remain committed to the mandate of the International Executive Board to make sure all bargaining gets the attention and expertise it deserves for the benefit of all the membership. The Macy’s bargaining committee played a crucial role in securing a good contract and mobilizing their coworkers for a historic turnout at the ratification vote.

The UFCW 367 Trustees and the Macy’s membership are grateful for the work of Patricia De Palma, Terri Warren-Calvillo, Sandy Aki, Charleen Rhule, Shay Winget, and Alpha Turner from the Full-Line, and Cheryl Lucas and Derrick Kitts from the Furniture Gallery.

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