Haggen Update: We stand together

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dear Haggen Members:

We understand the frustration and concern you, your co-workers, and your families are all experiencing these past few weeks as the Haggen bankruptcy continues to develop. Thanks to the power of us sticking together and our union contracts, just yesterday, the FTC approved the ability of workers to be hired back by Albertsons/Safeway. This goes into effect immediately and helps protects workers being impacted by the Haggen bankruptcy.

After hearing our personal stories of how the bankruptcy was hurting our lives and our families, the FTC and Commissioners worked at an unprecedented pace to grant Albertsons/Safeway permission to re-hire workers. It is thanks to your dedication and drive to keep what you have worked so hard for, that jobs and families are better protected. If you have questions, please contact your union about applying at Albertsons/Safeway.

We also know that the recent headlines are stating that Haggen is asking the bankruptcy judge to authorize the closing of 100 more stores. Haggen has said in its court filings and has been telling the media that it is closing 100 additional stores because there are no interested buyers. We believe that is simply not true. There is no evidence that Haggen conducted a real and organized sales process and looked for buyers to operate these stores. We know that other companies are looking to buy these stores.

Since the very beginning, we are doing everything we can to make sure that when these stores are sold, they are sold as successful operations and go to good employers who respect union workers and our contracts.

We have made it clear to Haggen that they have a responsibility to do what is right. It is unacceptable for Haggen to ask the bankruptcy judge to approve a going-out-of business sale without a real effort to sell these stores. We will not sit by quietly. We are standing together and fighting to protect the hard-earned wages and benefits that you and your families deserve and depend on.

In response to Haggen’s motion, we will work with any other parties in the bankruptcy process who also want to see these stores sold as successful operations. We are working to form our legal case and arguments to fight this motion.

Your International Union and locals are continuing coordinated efforts to stay focused on our entire union family. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local union.

Denise Jagielo, President, UFCW 367—1.800.562.3645
Todd Crosby, President, UFCW 21
Ron Banka, President, UFCW 1439
Dan Clay, President, UFCW 555
Steve Chandler, Principal Officer, Teamsters 38

Posted by UFCW Local 367