Top 10 Reasons to Vote Yes on Merger

Top 10 Reasons To Vote YES on the Merger

1. Employers like Kroger, Macy’s and Albertsons travel around the country going from bargain to bargain taking advantage of our division. Watching us merge and seeing our combined strike fund assets grow to over $23 million makes employers shake in their boots.

2. Grocery contracts are up next year, so are Macy’s. The only way to guarantee that we will never have to bargain in isolation again is to merge. With all this bargaining on the horizon the time to merge is NOW.

3. The winners in a merger are the 367 members and 21 members who will be stronger united. The only winners if we stay divided are the employers.

4. Employee bargaining rights are under attack in Congress, at the U.S. Supreme Court, and even here in Washington State. The stronger we are the stronger we can fight back.

5. Amazon recently bought Whole Foods, Wal-Mart isn’t going away, and our employers are happy to use them as an excuse to come after our benefits and pay. If we are going to win we need to be smart and united in our organizing.

6. Together we will have more leverage, more power to negotiate better contract terms, and greater strength and resources to fight back against political attacks.

7. Together, we will have more staff, organizers, and business representatives to help with member grievances and provide better service.

8. A stronger Union means stronger contract enforcement. With absolutely no increase to our dues, we will gain a staff that includes 5 full-time bargainers, 3 fulltime grievance representatives, and 3 attorneys.

9. We will gain a stronger voice in local issues. UFCW 21 already represents thousands of members in Pierce, Mason, Lewis and Thurston Counties. By combining forces we will be have a stronger voice right here at home.

10. Together, all members, and our families, will have better service, more power, and be better able to defend our rights from coming political and employer attacks.

Posted by UFCW Local 367