Yes! Let the Members Decide!

Amazon. Wal-mart. Congress. Shareholders. The Supreme Court.

When times get tough, we don’t back down. We get stronger. Together. We want the best tools to protect our jobs, our contracts, and our families from looming threats. One idea: Should UFCW 367 merge with our sisters and brothers at UFCW 21 to increase our power and resilience?

Let us have an open and transparent discussion about what’s best for all of us. Give ALL UFCW 367 members the opportunity to make a choice.

Put it up for a full membership vote. More than 2,000 members, board members, and officers, have already signed the petition demanding an open and fair vote. Add your name now.

Hundreds of members, executive board members, and officers, have already signed the petition demanding an open and fair vote including: UFCW 367 Executive Board Member Monjay Cavalier, UFCW 367 Executive Board Member Denise Anderson, UFCW 367 Executive Board Member Theresa Brown, ​UFCW 367 Executive Board Member Nicholas Politis, UFCW 367 Executive Board Member Petra Birch, UFCW 367 Executive Board Member Terri Warren, UFCW 367 President Denise Jagielo, UFCW 367 Recorder Gina Stanton, UFCW 367 Vice President Derrick Edens, UFCW 367 Vice President Cindy Williams, and ​UFCW 367 Union Rep Jamie Nelson.

Add your name now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we voting on a merger with UFCW 21 right now?

—>No. This is just a petition demanding the right to vote on this idea. Any merger has to be approved by a vote of both memberships.

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

—>Workers in the stores and at the bargaining table have been talking about the benefits of merging for years. Recently, officers and board members of both unions talked about a possible merger. Unfortunately, some are trying to shut down the discussion. We say: let’s send it to the members and see what they think!

What are the benefits of a merger with UFCW 21?

—>Merging with UFCW 21 means bringing more workers together. With strength in numbers we will have more power in contract negotiations, more support staff for greater service and to better enforce our rights and contract, access to a bigger strike fund, more political power in Olympia and Congress.

Would we still have an office in Tacoma?

—>Yes, and offices in Seattle, Silverdale, Mt. Vernon, and Spokane.

What are the cons of a merger with UFCW 21?

—>Some members may feel a sense of loss around changes in union identity and traditions

Why UFCW 21?

—>Our two unions already share geography and employers. UFCW 21 is actually 7 other local unions merged together, all of whom gave up their number and banded together under UFCW 21.

Will dues go up?

—>No. In fact, members will get more bang for the buck because we’ll have more efficiencies and better technology.

Will I get to see the wording of a merger agreement?

—>Yes. Once this idea is officially put forward for a vote all members in both unions will get to see a proposed merger agreement and other important documents.

Posted by UFCW Local 367