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Cristy Stinson

Union Representative




Cristy Stinson has worked in the labor movement for 6 years. She brings 15 years of grocery experience to her job as a Union Representative. During her 15 years at Safeway, she held many positions in different departments from Cake Decorator to Front-End Manager. Cristy decided to become a Steward after being treated poorly by her manager shortly after she was hired. Cristy eventually took over that management position and vowed that no one would ever walk through those doors again and be made to feel invisible, ignored, and unimportant. Her store eventually became the only 100% union store in Arizona which is an RTW state. Cristy feels unions are important because they set the standards for wages, working conditions, and benefits in the workplace. Unions give workers a voice and job security. Cristy loves talking to members in the stores and helping them find solutions to their problems and ways to stand up to the employers they work for. When she is not out in the stores help members, Cristy enjoys reading and hanging out in nature. She feels the Pacific Northwest has the most beautiful nature around and spends as much time as she can outdoors with her two dogs.

Supermarket Aisle
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