The Executive Board was elected by the UFCW 367 membership and represents the diversity in our workplaces geographically, generationally and by industry. The Board meets monthly and sets the major policies and budgets for the organization and has final say over the direction and resources of the union.

Executive Board

Cheryl Aquino_edited.jpg
Albertson's #3406
Cheryl Aquino

Cheryl has been an Albertson's employee for two decades and a Steward for nearly 15 years. Cheryl considers it a privilege to provide a cohesive union environment for members and to work towards a workplace that is beneficial for everyone. Cheryl believes it is important to be a part of the rebuilding of her local union. She wants to work together with union members.

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Kimberly Heath
Safeway #329

I have been a UFCW Union member since 1989. I worked in Seattle for my first 12 years then moved to Tacoma. I've been with Safeway for 33 years and a Steward for over 15 years. I enjoy helping and protecting my co-workers and fighting for the things that mean the most to all of our members. I'm excited to be part of the UFCW 367 family.

Fred Meyer #390

Ray is a Meat Cutter who has been employed with Fred Meyer for 19 years. He is proud to be a union member and to support everyone’s job security. He believes our futures, and our children’s futures, are dependent on good union membership

Ray Bennett
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Jeannette Boitano
Safeway #543
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Greg Buttner
QFC #831

Greg has been a UFCW 367 member for 30+ years. He started at Piggly Wiggly and has spent the last 25 years employed by Quality Food Centers (QFC). He has seen a lot of contracts and now wants to do what he can to help push for more lucrative contracts for journeymen. Greg feels with so many people striving to be journeymen, this will increase membership, improve working conditions, and have a trickle-down effect for all UFCW 367 members.

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Darcy Ide
Albertsons  #3417

I have been a member of UFCW Local 367 since May 2016. Currently, I am a Produce Clerk for Albertsons but have spent most of the last five years as a Starbucks Barista. I am finishing up my associate degree in Business Management with a focus on Labor Studies and plan on furthering my education. Some of my hobbies include baking, reading, and playing video games.

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Eva Kafton_edited_edited.jpg
Albert Leggett
Swanson's #2

Albert has been a UFCW 367 member for 25+ years since he first became a Swanson’s employee in 1995. Albert believes that his years of experience as a union member and department supervisor will be an asset to the union membership.

Eva Kafton
Fred Meyer #385

Eva Been a member since 1982. I look forward to being on the Bargaining team by pushing for the best contract through the voices of my brothers and sisters.  I hope the Fred Meyer will open the bargaining for the Home contract. 

Lisa O'Neil_edited.jpg
Colton Rose
Fred Meyer #659

I have been a member of UFCW 367 since 2014. I'm currently the frozen lead at FM659, and I have been throwing freight since I started. In my downtime I enjoy reading, cooking, and gardening.

Lisa O'Neill
Fred Meyer #424

I have been involved with the union for the past 16 years. I have been a shop steward since I was hired, I was part of the bargaining team in the last contract (2019)  and I am currently a member of the E-Board.   I have chosen to be so involved with my union because this is my life!  I feel the need to have some control of the quality of my work portion. To stand up for the rights of my coworkers and get what we deserve. To be able to have one job to be able to pay the bills and still be able to have a quality of life. 

Terri Warren_edited_edited.jpg
Macy's Tacoma Mall
Terri Warren

Terri is a Macy’s employee. Terri knows that Executive Board members have a lot of authority, and she wants to make sure that that power is being used appropriately. She is excited to serve on the Executive Board and be a voice and decision maker for members working at Macy’s.

Isaac Wagnitz 2 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
Isaac Wagnitz
Fred Meyer #659

Isaac has been a Local 367 member since August 2019, working in CCK at Fred Meyer 659 in Tumwater. For a lot of new employees, grocery is their first union job, and Isaac likes being able to help them get involved in our strong member-driven local.

Michael Whalen 2_edited_edited.jpg
Michael Whalen
Fred Meyer #615

I have been a UFCW 367 member since 2015, working at the University Place Fred Meyer as a Dairy Clerk. I am a shop steward and vice president # 15 of our local as well as a delegate to the Pierce County Central Labor Council. I became active in our union to improve our working conditions and to enforce our rights as workers on the shop floor. As a rank and filer, I have an obligation to the rank and file and always stress that WE are our union. Solidarity & get involved!

Macy's Tacoma Mall
Shay Winget

I have worked for Macy’s since 2012 and have focused on ensuring that members are receiving their rights under the contract. I have worked closely with the union since becoming a union steward and participating on the bargaining team for the Macy’s contract in 2019. I feel strongly about fighting for a living wage and a safe workplace for all members.

Conan CJ Schneidt_edited.jpg
Conan Schneidt
Safeway  #1645
Dianna Flores_edited.jpg
Dianna Flores
Safeway  #1798
Cameran Peterson_edited.jpg
Camron Peterson 

I’ve been a Local 367 member for 12 years, and a Shop Seward for 2 years. I served formerly as a Sound Health and Wellness volunteer and I am currently serving as VP #16 on our Local’s Executive Board. Currently employed as the Wine Steward at Fred Meyer Puyallup, I have worked in both GM and Grocery. I am passionate about my fellow members across all contracts. I look forward to upholding the Articles of the UFCW International Constitution and the Bylaws of Local 367. 

Fred Meyer #265