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President Michael Hines
Letter to the Members 

On April 24, 2023, UFCW locals throughout the country descended on Vegas for the 9th Regular UFCW International Convention at the Mirage. Although I’ve been a part of our Union for close to three decades, I have never attended anything of this scope and caliber. Our group included 17 delegates and alternates and I flew in several days early for my assignment on the Constitutional Amendments Committee.

The convention takes place every five years, and its purpose is to elect International Officers, debate and vote on constitutional amendments and resolutions, and attend informative workshops. As delegates, we voted with our hearts and minds on issues that can have a direct impact on our local and its 8,000 members. We voted yes for first day strike pay, a 10% commitment from the International for new Organizing and against a $1.00 discretionary per capita dues increase. The latter is generally passed at each convention. We were the minority on these key issues but agreed with virtually every other motion that was recommended by the various committees.

Highlights of the convention for 367 include Shop Stewards/Executive Board members Cam Peterson (Fred Meyer) and Charlotte Crawford (Safeway) getting recognized on stage for their recent member video testimonies recorded several months ago in DC, Diana Flores (Safeway) bravely stepping up to the live mic to protest a dues increase after she and her co-workers just went through a pandemic and are still dealing with hostile customers and safety concerns, and recognition from the International as most improved Region 7 local for Active Ballot Club (Political) contributions.

When the sessions ended at 5 pm, groups would break off for dinner and more debates. There seemed to be a never-ending exchange of ideas within our group but, even more importantly, with other members and staff from throughout the US and Canada.

I was impressed with two of the workshops I attended, Dealing with Armed Assailants and Connecting Labor with Social Justice.

All in all, it was an amazing, yet exhausting, experience for the group and one I am sure we will never forget. For me personally, it’s the reward of watching our members and staff engage with the learning and to network with other like-minded leaders.

Until next time, 

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