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Mike Sherman

Union Representative




Mike Sherman has a long career in the grocery industry. He worked for Fred Meyer for 44 years starting as a Helper Clerk and working from Night Manager to Food Manager to Receiving Clerk/ICC. He has been a UFCW member since 1976. Mike was a worksite Steward for over 10 years. He was always a strong voice in the store and knew the contract. He was never afraid to speak up if he saw unfair treatment toward any of his co-workers. Mike has taken special OSHA training and made it part of his mission to educate members on store safety so we can have safer stores for everyone. Mike believes that unions add strength and support to the voice of all workers. Some members are afraid to speak up when they are treated unfairly, their union contract stands ready to protect all members all the time. Mike enjoys being in the stores helping people and helping members work together and support each other to achieve fullness and satisfaction in life. When Mike is not out helping members, he is spending quality time with his grandkids.

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