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Our mission is to represent our members in every aspect of their working lives. We negotiate and enforce contracts with employers that improve working conditions, wages, hours, benefits, and retirement. Our contracts also give workers protection from unfair discipline and protect their rights on the job.

Take time to read your Union contract to find out what rights and protections you are entitled to. You can also contact your Union Representative to hear about the many resources available to union members, including free college. The following will help guide you through your membership.


In accordance with the labor agreement between your employer and UFCW Local 367, all employees working under our jurisdiction must join the Union on or before the 30th day of their employment. Your employer has agreed to payroll deduction of your union dues and initiation fees. This was negotiated as part of your contract.


If you are new to the Union, an initiation fee will apply and will be billed in 13 equal weekly installments. This fee along with your weekly dues rate will be deducted weekly. Since all job classifications are different, if you are promoted or move to another position, you need to contact the Union and update your membership.


If you are not working due to a leave of absence or injury you will need to temporarily withdraw from the Union. After your temporary withdrawal, you will not be charged dues until you return to work.  On returning back to work, you are required to contact the Union (253) 589-0367.


If you leave your job, you are required to notify the Union office. If you have paid all dues and initiation owed, the Union will close your membership in good standing, and you will not need to pay another initiation fee if you go back to work in the same classification. *membership balance must be $0.00 to withdraw from the union.


We will stand together, and we will fight together for better lives for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Please call our office at 1-800-562-3645 or 253-589-0367 if you have any questions.

Welcome to UFCW Local 367, we look forward to meeting you in your workplace!