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Patty Estes

Lead Union Representative 




Patty has worked in the retail industry for over 17 years. She has also worked as a Pharmacy Technician, Dental Assistant, and Nutrition Services at a local High School. She worked as a Front-End PIC for 3 years at Fred Meyer in South Hill prior to becoming an organizer for UFCW Local 367. 

Patty believes in the fellowship of the Union. With great fellowship, we can only strengthen the fabric of the locals and its members. Those beliefs lead Patty to become a Steward and an elected member of the Executive Board. Members looking out for their coworkers is key and as a staff member, she believes she can help build that collaboration among Local 367 members. Patty believes education is key to building and maintaining a strong membership. She will take any opportunity to learn and pass along information and resources to anyone who wants it.

Patty feels her most successful union moments were the implementation of the School Employees Benefits Board which she sat on for 3 years with Washington State. This had been fought for over 25 plus years by School Employee Unions across the State. This affected over 100,000 school employees across the state for their Healthcare benefits. They went from paying $1,500+ per month for health insurance coverage for a family to under $400 for the same family with the SEBB program.

In her off time, she enjoys taking road trips to places she has never been, as well as relaxing with her friends and family. It's her dream to visit all of the National Parks.

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