Michael Hines
UFCW 367 President

Michael Hines has spent the past 23 years, with UFCW, fighting for economic and social justice across many industries. His belief in the power of the individual, both singularly and as part of a collective, is what fuels his vision for building a member-driven union. He understands that real change happens in the workplace, not at the negotiating table. His three-point strategy for achieving the vision includes Organizing, Fiscal Responsibility, and Transparency. President Hines is excited for the future of Local 367.

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Mike Solberg
UFCW 367 Secretary Treasurer

Mike Solberg has been an active member with UFCW for the last 35 years. He has been at the heart of the battle fighting for safe working conditions and a livable wage. He understands this is a difficult struggle and requires a group effort. He was one of many voices demanding safe working conditions and additional compensations throughout the pandemic. Change only happens when we join together gathering our strength as a united front. He is committed to Michael Hines’s three-point vision of a Member Driven Local, being Fiscally Responsible, and Transparency. Mike is confident we are in good hands not only with strong leadership but more importantly an engaged and active membership. He is energized to see what the future holds for Local 367.

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