Karen Jackson

Union Representative

Karen Jackson worked for 25 years at Safeway in nearly every department. This background has been very valuable in helping her understand workers and help with their issues on the job. She was a worksite leader for many years because she enjoyed helping her fellow co-workers get the help and the answers they needed.

Karen feels unions are important to set standards for good working conditions, wages, and a better quality of life. With a union, you have someone that has your back and will fight for you when management is playing games. Karen enjoys helping members solve problems and feels her past experience gives her an advantage to understanding issues in the stores.

When Karen is not in the stores helping members, she enjoys being outdoors hiking and camping. She also loves a good road trip and rooting for the Seahawks!


Fred Meyer 390, Fred Meyer 615, Fred Meyer Fuel AG, Fred Meyer 605, Safeway 329, Safeway 424, Safeway 486, Safeway 1594, Safeway 1978, Gai's Bakery Tacoma, Saar's, Laborer's 252

Office Phone:

253-589-0367 Ext 118

Karen Jackson
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