Sherry Stephenson

Union Representative

Sherry Stephenson worked 21 years in grocery and retail. She worked 12 years at Safeway starting as a Bakery Clerk and moving to Bakery Manager and then to Grocery Clerk. This experience has helped Sherry understand the problems workers face in the stores. Sherry was a strong worksite leader in her store. She liked being able to stand up for her co-workers who may not have been loud enough for their voices to be heard.

Sherry has great passion for the work that she does as a Union Rep and loves building worker power in the stores. When Sherry is not in the stores with members she enjoys cooking and singing.


Fred Meyer 265, Fred Meyer 424, Albertson's 106, Albertson's 493, Safeway 422, Safeway 1798, Safeway 2729, Safeway 3228, Safeway 3305, Restaurant Depot

Office Phone:

253-589-0367 Ext 120

Sherry Stephenson
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