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I’ve been with UFCW Local 367 for twenty-six years.

I studied Sociology and Political Science, at UNLV.  I learned about the worker's historical struggle for better wages and securing our rights in the workplace.

Our struggle continues – we should always be proactive in pressing for positive changes, such as safety in our workplace and maintaining a livable wage, that meets the increasing cost of living.


These are what I will strive to accomplish as a member of the Local 367 Executive Board.

I believe that we should always question what we’re told and resolve to change what does not benefit us, workers.

In my spare time, I garden, take care of a few rescue animal companions, my spouse, and tend to numerous peafowl and a rooster.


Solidarity & Get Involved!


Vice President #20

Teri Velasquez
Fred Meyer 385

What is a Member Driven Union?

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