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Through Knowledge

Understanding Your Union Rights

Weingarten Rights

Established by a 1975 Supreme Court decision, protects union members during interviews with supervisors that may lead to disciplinary actions. You have the right to:

  •  Clearly request union representation before or during the interview.

  • Be protected from retaliation by management for requesting representation.

  • Have the questioning delayed until the union representative arrives.

  • Refuse to answer management's questions if your request for a union representative is denied, as this is against federal law.

Weingarten rights are a crucial tool to ensure that you're not alone during challenging workplace situations and that your rights are upheld.

UFCW 367 members' support

Workplace Safety Rights

At UFCW Local 367, we want our members to have peace of mind knowing that they will return home safely after a day's work. That's why our contracts feature robust safety provisions that exceed standard laws and regulations, ensuring the protection of our dedicated UFCW members.

Within our union, members actively advocate for and implement safety measures to prevent accidents, injuries, and health risks in the workplace. This includes taking part in safety committees, participating in safety training, and having the confidence to report any hazardous conditions without fear of retaliation.

By asserting their rights to workplace safety, our members not only prioritize their own well-being but also contribute to the collective protection of all members while carrying out their roles.

UFCW Grocery Worker

Know Your Contract

Understanding your union contract is crucial for every member of UFCW Local 367. Your contract outlines your rights, protections, and benefits as a unionized worker. Knowing its contents empowers you to hold your employer accountable, ensuring that you receive fair wages, reasonable working hours, and adequate benefits. It also provides guidance on dispute resolution procedures and outlines the steps you can take if your rights are violated. By familiarizing yourself with your union contract, you become an active participant in shaping your workplace and protecting your rights as a valued member of UFCW Local 367.

UFCW Grocery Worker
Union Organizing

Your Rights
During Union Organizing

During the union organizing process, you have fundamental rights that protect your ability to join or support a union without interference from your employer. These rights include the freedom to discuss unionization with your coworkers, attend union meetings, and distribute union materials during non-work hours and in non-work areas. Your employer cannot threaten, coerce, or discriminate against you for engaging in union activities. Additionally, you have the right to participate in a secret ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to determine whether your workplace will be unionized. These rights ensure that you can make informed decisions about union membership and participation, free from employer interference or retaliation.

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