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UFCW Local 367 embodies the belief that every worker deserves more than just a job – they deserve a livelihood they can be proud of. Regardless of your profession, whether you're in grocery stores, healthcare facilities, retail, cannabis, or packing and processing, your contribution matters. By uniting with your fellow workers, you ensure that you receive what you rightfully deserve: fair wages, robust health benefits, a secure retirement, and a genuine voice in your workplace. Together, we're not merely workers; we're partners in creating workplaces where fairness reigns supreme and everyone receives their fair share. This is the life we're forging together at UFCW Local 367.

Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers

By joining UFCW Local 367, you become part of a powerful network of workers united in pursuit of common goals, amplifying your voice and influence in the workplace. Strong, active, and informed members are essential to the strength of your union.

When workers stand united, they become an unstoppable force capable of commanding attention and driving real change in the workplace.

 Fair Wages and Benefits

Fair Wages and Benefits

Through collective bargaining, we advocate for fair and competitive wages, along with robust benefits packages, ensuring that our members are fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication.

 Improved Working Conditions

Improved Working Conditions

Unions, including UFCW Local 367, have a history of effectively negotiating for and securing safer workplaces, reasonable hours, and enhanced job security, ensuring a better quality of life for all members.



On average, unionized workers in the United States earn about 27% more than their non-union counterparts. This highlights the substantial difference that union representation can make.


Union jobs offer job security via collective bargaining agreements that safeguard workers from arbitrary dismissal and prioritize seniority-based systems for layoffs and promotions, while non-union jobs lack these protections.


Union members are more likely to have access to healthcare, retirement, and other essential benefits, with approximately 79% receiving health insurance compared to 49% of non-union workers.

Join Our Union Family

Organize Your Workplace 

Are you experiencing any of the following problems at work?

Facing unfair treatment or discrimination at the workplace?

Unsafe working conditions?

Inadequate pay or benefits?

Difficulties in obtaining reasonable accommodations?

If you answered “YES” to any of these...
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