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Local 367 is about building a union from the ground up, not from the top down, where our priorities, practices, and leadership are member-driven. Our Union is only as strong as the work we do on the shop floor and in the streets, and that work depends on building a bench of strong leaders and organizers from within our own ranks. 

Stop the

Kroger/Albertsons Merger

Join our coalition of workers, community advocates, and elected officials to protect our communities from the harmful impacts of this proposed mega-merger.

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We are committed to growing our Union through a comprehensive Organizing strategy that focuses on UFCW core industries: Grocery, Retail and Food Processing. Local 367 sees workers as part of the greater community and shows them how to become leaders for change. Organizing is the foundation to building a stronger Union and community for tomorrow.    


We are committed to the development of our membership and staff through continuous education. Our newly refurbished Union Hall’s Training Center combines classroom learning, virtual streaming and technology and historical perspective to ensure our leaders are at the forefront of the labor movement.