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Building a Member-Driven, Member-Represented Local

At Local 367, most of our staff come from within our membership ranks. That’s thanks to our commitment to training and fostering the next wave of union leaders from the bottom up, not the top down.


Winning Historic Wage Increases

Alongside our member negotiators, we won the biggest contract settlement in decades that contained unprecedented wage increases and elimination of subpar wage tiers like the bakery, deli, Starbucks, Clicklist, e-commerce, Safeway Fuel Center, and more. We also moved GM wages closer to grocery wages.


Holding Employers Accountable

  • Coordinated with other UFCW & Teamster Locals to win Matrix & CCK settlements resulting in large wage increases for members in these classifications.

  • Filed and won Class Action Grievances on Safeway and Kroger payroll issues.

  • Took direct action by leafleting Kroger customers about My Info payroll concerns. These union actions resulted in media coverage.


Fighting for You During COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, our representatives and organizers were in the stores, on the front lines, continuing to fight for member safety, better wages, and benefits.


Recognizing Your Work During COVID-19

We fought for hazard pay for members in all six counties we represent, going up against corporate-backed politicians who wanted to prevent frontline workers from getting the pay and recognition they deserved.


Fighting for the Safety of Our Members

No matter our politics or our backgrounds, all of us and our families value our members’ safety and security while at work. We’re continuing to fight for community visibility and better safety in our shops through the Work Safe, Shop Safe campaign.


Restoring Training Programs for Our Members

We restored the Meat Apprenticeship program after discovering it had been out of legal compliance for years. We also created a dedicated representative position for our meat departments.


Building Power with Our Labor Partners

We became part of a western coalition of UFCW locals representing more than 100,000 members, increasing our power together to win better contracts for our members collectively.


Building Power in Our Communities

After years of not having a voice as trustees, we now have a seat on Sound Health & Wellness Trust, Work Force Development Trust, and NW Council.


Increasing Union Membership

  • We organized five new Click lists in Pierce and Mason counties.

  • We organized Tumwater Fred Meyer General Merchandise Department.

  • We organized Sumner Fred Meyer General Merchandise Department.

  • We organized the Lacey Fred Meyer General Merchandise Department.


Improving Online Accessibility and Access

We’ve created a new website and have worked to improve our communications and social media presence, so you can access your union wherever is convenient for you, whenever it’s convenient for you.


Streamlining Operations to Faster Delivery Solutions for You

We’ve implemented new processes and systems for grievance handling, bargaining and membership services that have streamlined our operations while saving the local thousands of dollars each year.

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