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Would you like to learn more about our Union and how you can make a difference? Do you have special skills that could benefit Local 367 and the membership?

Empower Growth

The UFCW has a program specially designed to bring out the best in our most committed members and train them in membership services, union representation, and/or organizing.

Once approved, SPURs will be taken out of their company on a Union leave of absence for 90 days or longer. SPURs are intended to be involved primarily in organizing and representation but may be assigned to other projects or departments.

SPURs will receive extensive training to take back into their worksites after completion of the program. This means that you have the ability to go back to the company that you worked for prior to your assignment with the exact same wages, hours, benefits, and position but with a greater sense of power and ability as a leader.

The SPUR Program could lead to future career opportunities but are not a guarantee. Hard work and commitment are the cornerstone character traits necessary to build the labor movement.

If you are interested in becoming a SPUR please fill out the form below:

On Strike

Expected Activities Include:

  • Working individually or in pairs with Union Representatives and Organizers. Assignments could involve making home calls, doing research, hand billing, and educating workers about the benefits of Union membership.

  • Attending Rallies and/or Press Conferences.

  • Developing blitzes and following up on organizing leads at non-union stores and plants.

  • Attending City Council Meetings.

  • Other work pertaining to representation and membership services.

  • We are always interested in utilizing the talents of our members (computer and technical, social media, communications, etc.)

  • Issue-based community and political work.

*Due to overwhelming demand, we will not be accepting applications for the SPUR program at this time. Please check back for updates. 

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